TMF029 – TEAM Green Garden – Annamalaikottai Sivagiri

Our TEAM Green Initiates the Planting at Primary school,Annamalaikottai – sivagiri. we are cleaning all the area around the school it include’s weeds removal,to cleaning and arrange all the unwanted  things ,Hand wash drainage pipeline ,waste or unused things are cleaned by our TEAM Green team members. Main motive is to clean the area  and planting trees for helping for this school and secure our childrens.

September 8,2022 – we start the are shown below,




September 9,2022 – Second day of our work which includes,

1.Application of herbicides to remove weeds around the school

2.After cleaning around all the areas of school our student children staying and walking with out fear of insects.

3.laying Pipeline for Pre Primary school with direct pipeline connections

Pictures are shown below,

Date : 22.09.2022

Buying the saplings and unloading the saplings at Annamalaikottai Sivagiri.

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