May 29, 2018


Collect the following details and send to IndiaTEAM Treasurer for timely reimbursement:

  1. Details of FSA project.
  2. List of FoT Members.
  3. Other documents needed to file tax.
    • Receipts addressed to “IndiaTEAM, USA”.
    • For labor wages, please get a signature from the concerned person.
    • Pictures of the SCHOOL executed including one with FoT members.
    • Appreciation letter from beneficiaries.
    • Local news paper clippings carrying the details of IndiaTEAM FSA SCHOOL.
    • Thank letter from FoT members to IndiaTEAM.
  4. OPTIONAL – Video shoot to show in our IndiaTEAM meeting.
    • Cover the details of the project.
    • Interview/words from FoT Coordinator about his/her experience.
    • Interview/Words from FoT members about their experience.
    • Interview/words from beneficieries on usefulness of the project.
  5. Visit other completed FSA Projects.
  6. For any doubts, contact the IndiaTEAM Treasurer.