January 19, 2019


TEAM Global Fund (TGF) – Fund generated from various fund raise events conducted by TEAM. These events include Running, Spikers Cup, and others. How does it work ?

  1. YOU – Fill this form
  2. TEAM – contacts you for photos and other supporting documents
  3. TEAM – selects the project(s)
  4. TEAM – notifies you with the decision made on your project
  5. YOU – If your project is selected and fund is approved, go ahead and execute the project and submit the project report within 3 to 6 months (no exceptions).

If your project is not selected, you will be notified whether we will keep it for the next fund raise event or not. TGF Volunteers will go thru ALL the project requests and select based on the following two criteria:

  1. Project need, cost, time and other relevant/supporting photos and documents.
  2. Fund (TGF) availability/projection

To request for fund, please click here.