May 29, 2018


Guidelines to finish your project.

  1. Form a Friends of TEAM in the place where you want to do the project.
  2. Check with the TEAM Treasurer about your FSA balance.
  3. If it is less for your project,deposit more money and claim tax.
  4. Send your own money to Friends of TEAM Coordinator for later reimbursement.
  5. Once Friends of TEAM coordinator receives money, he/she has to do the following with the guidance of you.
    • Arrange and coordinate a meeting among all the Friends of TEAM members.
    • Discuss a plan to identify and start a project.
    • Select a well deserved project that solves some kind of basics of needy people.
    • Consider the following to select such a deserved project.
    • It doesn’t have basics of what you are envisioning to build in the long.
    • It should be run by the government OR
    • Run by a trust which is exempted from tax and gives free service.
    • You can create your own project that is administered by Friends of TEAM regularly.
    • Finally, make sure that the people getting benefited is very well deserved.
  6. Once such a project is identified, Friends of TEAM coordinator has to do the following.
    • Arrange and coordinate a meeting among Friends of TEAM members to plan the project.
    • Meet the authorized people who are connected with that project.
    • Find out what are the basic things are lacking for that project.
    • Get the list of basic things need to be delivered to meet those basics.
    • Once the list is ready, decide what can be done within your FSA balance.
    • Buy those items from the local stores for a good deal.
    • Arrange a small function in that place and deliver them.
    • Write “Donated by TEAM – /old” on the items you deliver.
    • Collect the bills and receipts addressed to “TEAM” when buying things.
    • For labor wages, get the signature from the concerned person.
    • Never handover money directly and deliver only items as per their basic need.
  7. Once project is over, TEAM member has to do the following.
    • Call or Write thank letter to all the Friends of TEAM members.
    • Collect the details of projects to get it reimbursed.
  8. As soon as it is reimbursed, it will be updated in our web.