TMF028-TEAM WOOD PARK FOREST at getticheviyur near Thingalur.

TEAM WOOD PARK  FOREST is located at gettticheviyur near Thingalur. Sivakumar who has the owner of the  land to given half acers for planting trees for their own intrest.

date : 24.08.2022 and 25.08.2022

Including two days of work, land is cleaned, drip line is taken, plants are bought from isha foundation as the number of plants are about 2100.There are 21 types of trees.


Trees List are Given Below :

1. Pomegranate

2. Guava

3. Lemon

4. Little Nellie

5. Big Nellie

6. Jack fruit

7. Tamarind Tree

8. KodukkaTamarind Tree

9. Naval Tree

10. Vizhambalam Tree

11. Badham Tree

12. Thandrikkai tree

13. Elluppai Tree

14. Kadukkai Tree

15. Eyal Vagai Tree

16. ThannerKai Tree

17. Mantharai Tree

18. Sorkkam Tree

19. Poovarasu Tree

20. Pungai Tree

21. Magizham Tree

Each type takes 100 saplings there are totally 2100 sapling’s where planting at TMF028-TEAM WOOD PARK FOREST at getticheviyur near Thingalur.


Date : 06/09/2022

After planting the saplings we use green nets to reduce our weed removal work.






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