May 29, 2018


Collect, scan and send us the soft copy to get your school project online

As volunteers are overwhelmed, please send the your project details as soft copy (Scan them or take digital picture using your digital camera) when TEAM contacts you.

  1. Details of TEAM School Project.
  2. List of FoT Members – The same one available for
  3. FSA reimbursement.Other documents needed to file tax.
    • Receipts addressed to “TEAM”.
    • For labor wages, please get a signature from the concerned person.
    • Pictures of the projects executed including Friends of TEAM troop picture.
    • Appreciation letter from headmaster or any authorized personnel.
    • Local newspaper clippings “with” the details of IndiaTEAM school project.
    • Thanks letter from Friends of TEAM members to TEAM.
  4. Once you receive those items, do the following.
    • Please send a softcopy of the documents to the chapter    representative
    • Don’t forget to include TEAM school project and Friends of TEAM Members forms.
  5. Video shoot to show in our TEAM meeting – OPTIONAL.
  6. Visit other completed TEAM school projects to get an idea of document submission