May 29, 2018


FSA Guidelines

  1. Members can do any kind of charity work other than schools by IndiaTEAM-FSA model.
  2. Member’s IndiaTEAM-FSA (Flexible Spending Account) will get opened when they:
    • Get corporate gift match 
    • Get corporate grand donations.
    • Donate their car to IndiaTEAM
    • Donate their own personal MONEY and claim tax exemption.
  3. Members can keep adding MONEY to their IndiaTEAM-FSA like above continously.
  4. Members have to spend for their project to reimburse from FSA.
  5. Members have option to transfer their FSA MONEY to help other SCHOOL.
  6. Click IndiaTEAM-FSA-PROJECT to see the completed SCHOOL.
    For any doubts, contact the IndiaTEAM Treasurer.
  7. For any doubts, contact the IndiaTEAM Treasurer