TMF023 : KSR CSE 2000 FOREST ALPHA – Arulmalai, getticheviyur

KSR CSE 2000 FOREST alpha is an initiative taken by the KSR CSE 2000 Alumni Batch students to contribute to a Green Initiative that will plant about 3753 trees and create a natural forest inspired by the Miyawaki Method ( This green initiative is an innovative way to enhance the nature and leave a lasting legacy in the names of KSR CSE 2000 batch students.

Project Details:

This project is about .75 acres with 3753 trees.

– Water supplied by the panchayat.
– what we are developing ?
. Pipe lines from tank
. Drip irrigation
. Plantation

Every day watering will be taken care by the local people.

Project Costs:

Cost of the project : Around 3 Lakh+ INR. Fully funded by the KSR CSE 2000 BATCH.
Which includes
– cleaning of land JCB
– pipe line from Govt tank
– drip irrigation materials
– Labour costs
– procurement of Plants
– Transportation
– Labour for plantation

Project execution is done by TEAM GREEN.

To visit this location :


Development Work :



plants are loaded for plantation.




Plants are placing at right places.

Platation on 21st march 2022. And water pouring.





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