TMF022 : KSR CSE 2000 FOREST BETA – Thingalur


A generous donor,  has come forward to give their 320 plants in Thingalur, Erode. We are  taking up maintenance of one year  plants. And also in-betweens we plant new sapling to convert miyawaki forest its around 3700 sapling. This is part of TEAM Green Initiative.

The Miyawaki Method is a new noteworthy tool that promotes the restoration and recovery of native forests. This method involves planting many random trees close together in a small area, thus enriching the green cover and reinforcing the richness of an otherwise degraded land..





















Picture taken on : 10/ 05 / 2022



PICTURES TAKEN : 1-07-2022



DATE   : 26/07/2022

PLACE : Kalliyamman Kovil, Thingalur,

Work going on Weeds Removal at KaliyammanKovil, Thingalur. Underwent a Project name of KSR FOREST 2000 BETA













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