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TEAM FEST’ 2012 Spikers Cup Volley Ball Tournament Rules

      • Point Difference Won (Cumulative of all the league matches)


      • Time-Outs Taken


      1 point for each time out taken. (on all sets)


10. Two substitutions are allowed per set. Substitutions are allowed only on the sides serve.

11. A player may not contact the ball two times consecutively except during or after blocking.

12. The ball is out of play from the moment the ball lands or a fault is committed. The rally ends when a referee halts play or the ball is out of play.

13. A player is not permitted to take support from a teammate or any object in order to reach the ball.

14. The ball must be contacted cleanly and not held (including lifted, pushed, caught, carried or thrown). The ball cannot roll or come to rest on any part of a player’s body.

15. While fingering or receiving the ball, the player must contact the ball cleanly by both hands simultaneously. It would be called as double fault if the ball touches finger two different times.

16. If the ball touches the paws of open hand, when the player is trying to underarm lift would be called as fault.

17. The ball may touch the net while crossing the net, including the service. A serve that touches the net is a VALID Serve.

18. If a player crosses the center line and interferes with an opponent during the continuation of a play, it is a fault.

19. Wait for referee’s whistle to serve. Referee will call 2 warnings per team per game (not per set) before calling a fault and turn the serving opportunity to the opponent team.

20. The server should clearly toss and serve the ball. Refree will call 2 warnings per team per game (not per set) before calling a fault if the ball is not tossed while serving.

21. While serving, the server should be behind the line until the ball is released. Touching the line or crossing the line while serving is fault.

22. The ball landing on the opponent’s boundary line is valid including serve.

23. Each team is entitled to a maximum of two time-outs per set.

24. Injury Related timeouts or substitution can be taken with opponent Captains Acceptance. There will be no penalty in the pointing system.

25. Over reaching 2nd touch on the opponent court is fault.

26. Ball touching anywhere other than the arms is fault. Kicking the ball is also considered fault.

NOTE: Referee’s and Organizing Teams Decision will be FINAL.

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