Friends Of Team

      • FoT means “Friends of TEAM” in India.
      • • So far, LPC did TEAM projects in member’s native.
      • • Usually, member’s parents did act as a “LPC – Local Project Coordinator” to execute project in India.
      • • In the above model, only member’s parents are involved in executing the projects, not the local community in their native.
      • • TEAM found the way to involve the local community to execute the projects along with member’s parants by the concept of FoT.
      • • By this new concept, members parent will bring their friends and relatives and form a small group in their native called “FoT – Friends of TEAM”.
      • • The parent who form that FoT will act as a “FoT Coordinator” to have a communication with TEAM member who sends money.
      • • Now every TEAM project is executed by FoT coordinated by its “FoT coordinator”.
      • • Because of FoT, TEAM will have group of friends in every members native place.
      • • FoT – Coordinator is identified by TEAM member who is sending money.
      • • Usually “FoT – Coordinator” is members parents or reliable person.
      • • Every member will guide FoT Coordinator and FoT coordinator will guide whole FoT to execute the project in India.

Friends Of Team Coordinator?

FoT – FoT is a group people including parents, friends, students and teachers in every member’s native place. That will be coordinated by your parents or some reliable person. Every member’s place is our ultimate aim. After forming FoT, your projects will be done by your FoT, not just by our parents to give the feeling of doing schools projects with community involvement. So your native FoT will be built by you and your parents/relatives/friends. Every FoT will have a coordinator and he/she will be in touch with the corresponding TEAM member who donate.

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