TEAM SPIKERS CUP SPRING 2010 SUMMARY is proud to announce the successful completion of its 1st “TEAM SPIKER CUP” Spring Volley Ball Tournament on May 1st 2010 at Horner Middle School Ground, Fremont.
Education is the backbone for a healthy society and supporting the much needed basic infrastructure for the same has been our motive and intention towards conducting this tournament. Each and every dollar of yours would reach out to the down trodden rural schools in India. We are very happy to say that we were over-whelmed by the response and interest shown by each and every participant and TEAM volunteers in making this event a grand success. thanks each and every participant and volunteers from the bottom of our heart and there are no words in dictionary to express our true gratitude.
We had 28 teams in Beginners, 12 teams in Intermediate and 6 teams in Women categories. We congratulate all the teams for their interest and support and we feel we all are winners and there are no losers in supporting a good cause. Nevertheless, we are proud to announce the winner/runner up of the tournament.
Women Category:
Winners: Fremont Angels
Runners: IVL Ballers
Intermediate Category:
Winners: Washington A
Runners: Mavericks
Beginners Category
Winners: Super Six
Runners: Fun VB
3rd Position: Patriots
Once again, congratulations to all the teams.
There were few unavoidable incidents which aren’t very uncommon in such huge tournaments but with all your help and co-operation we were able to resolve them quick. It was a huge learning experience for the organizers & volunteers and we are committed to correct all our mistakes and make TEAM SPIKERS CUP event even bigger and better in the coming years.
We have received some valuable feedbacks from the players and we would like to hear more from you all. Please feel free to send in your comments / questions / concerns / tips to
Here are some valuable comments and feedbacks.
Venkat (Washington A)
Good Job guys…It is very tough to conduct tournaments like this…You might have realized by this time…very impressive being this is your 1st time…I see you guys put your heart and soul to make this as a success and as a participant I can see it is a Huge success.
Natraj (Coolguyz)
I would like to appreciate the hard work put in organizing the Volleyball tournament. It did not look like you were organizing this tournament for the first time. We have been to couple of tournaments over the last year and I would rate this to be the best.
Most of the time organizing such an even becomes thankless job and I would like to Appreciate and thank all in the team for such a wonderful event.
Amutha, Sashi & Smitha
Thank you so much for putting together a wonderful event. It was organized very well. We all enjoyed it very much. Hope you continue to do this every year. The photos were awesome. I will make sure to send it to all the team members. I have just one request that I would like to make. If you could schedule the women’s event either in the first half or the second half of the day followed immediately by the prize distribution for them it would be great. They would not have to wait for a long time. Hope you will give consideration to this request for your next tournament.
John Bosco (Mountain House team)
Hat’s off to u all. Excellent arrangement. Please try to arrange few more volleyball tournament for this year. We had fun. 🙂
Pandi (Silicon Valley Spikers A)
I would like to pass on the comment from our team players:
“TEAMSpikers event was extremely well organized and we had lots of fun playing and watching the event”. TEAM must be proud to have such a great volunteers.
“Congratulations for successfully conducting such a big event” and Thank You for giving us the opportunity to participate.
Looking forward to the next TEAM Spiker’s event.
For complete picutes visit Photo Galleries.
Our Prestigious tournament is published in Indian Express North America Edition May-14-2010.

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