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7th Annual IndiaTEAM Spikers Cup, a fund raise volleyball event on April 29, 2017 at Fremont, CA.

This is the 7th year we are doing this event. About 50 teams are participating this time (again) and historically 500+ people participate in the event including the players and audience. This is a full day event. See the details below

VENUE: Horner Junior High School, 41365 Chapel Way, Fremont, CA 94538
DAY & DATE: Saturday, Apr 29th, 2017 (8:30 AM to 5:50PM)
Team Registration:

Organizing and managing this big event is possible only with the great support from volunteers like you. We need 25 volunteers to help out in the ground on the game day. If you could volunteer for half day in the morning (8:30am to 1:30pm) or in the afternoon (1pm to 5:30PM) that would be really helpful. Please signup for volunteering here:

Big Thanks to our Catering Sponsors


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TEAM Fest 2012 – 15th Sep – Liberty Park, Powell, OH

INDIA TEAM is a Non Profit Organization formed in year 2000 with the following mission

• To bring awareness of education in all the areas in Motherland.

• To improve the infrastructure of poor schools in Motherland.

• To help the children boost their self-confidence and change their lives.

TEAM has done enormous projects (worth more than $1 million) to help and up bring the schools in their Motherland and it continues its journey with the vision of “Reach out to more schools and build every school as a TEAM dream school. To know more, please visit

TEAM FEST’ 2012 Spikers Cup Volley Ball Tournament Rules

TEAM’s 3rd Annual SPIKER CUP VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT 2013 (an non-profit organization run by

1. No more than 8 players on the roster. All the 8 players should be present at the ground before the start of the tournament.

2. Mixed teams composed of male and female players competing on a men’s height net are allowed.

3. Participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of fair play towards the refereeing corps, teammates, opponents and spectators.

4. Participants must accept referees’ decisions with sportsmanlike conduct. In case of doubt, clarification may be requested, A captain may protest the referee’s interpretation of a rule, but not the referee’s judgment.

5. All sets will be played using RALLY SCORING Method.

6. TO WIN A SET, 25 Rally Points, win by 2.

7. All Matches except FINALS consist of 3 Sets. A team wins a match by winning 2 Sets respectively.

8. FINALS consist of 5 Sets. A team wins the match by winning 3 Sets respectively. If the match goes to the fifth set, then the deciding fifth set will be played to 15 points.

9. Top 8 teams with highest points will move to the next round (Q-finals) ,based on the following criteria,

2 points for winning & 0 points for loosing

In the case of Tie between the teams in the order, the following will be considered one by one in the order, but not together; if the tie is resolved with the set difference, the rest of the criteria will not matter.

• Set Difference Won

      2 points for winning the match in straight set


      2 points for losing the match in straight set


      1 point for winning the match by playing all 3 sets


      1 point for losing the match by playing all 3 sets


TEAM FEST’ 2012 Spikers Cup Volley Ball Registration Form

Registration Form


Team Name:

Contact Person:

E-mail id:

Phone Number:


Amount: $70: Cash / Check # ________________

To pay sports registration fee, please

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IndiaTEAM – Columbus


Mail form and check to

Karthik S Ramasamy

1441 Sunlfower st

Lewis Center, OH 43035

TEAM FEST ‘2012 Volleyball Tournament Wavier Form

TEAM’s 3rd Annual SPIKER CUP VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT 2013 (an non-profit organization run by


Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement

Event Name: TEAM FEST ‘2012 Spikers Cup Volleyball Tournament

Venue: Liberty Park, 2845 Home Road Powell, OH 43065

Date: 15th Sep, 2012

Assumption of Risk-Release of Liability-Waiver of Claims

We want to be allowed to participate in the Volleyball Tournament conducted by We know that all athletic participation, including volleyball, involves risks of physical injury

and/or property damage. However, we want to play, and therefore, acknowledge the following:

We can be injured while playing or doing anything else in the volleyball facility. We assume these risks and the details of our assumption of risk are printed on this form.

We here by acknowledge that is the organizer of the Volleyball Tournament. We further acknowledge that either Liberty Park or the owner of the land are involved in the Volleyball Tournament

Spikers Cup 2012 – Womens Schedule