Project Details

Project Details
Member   Deva Ramasamy*    2003
Date   2010-04-12 (Completed)  
Total Contribution (US $)   500  (In Indian Rupees = Unavailabe)
Total Project Cost (Indian Rupees)   Unavailabe
School Details
School Name   Rahul Multidisciplinary Research Centre
School Address  
B-3 CEL Apartments, B-14 Vasundhara Enclave,
School Profile   The objective of this program was to: 1. Work towards elimination of child labor by bringing child
Items Donated Qty Price
Running Education for J.J. Cluster near Shipra Sun 124 10000
Running Education for J.J. Camp-179, Gyaspur Colon 127 10000
Running Educatiuon for Jhuggis of Yamuna Khadar, M 78 5000
Total 25000