Project Details

Project Details
Member   Ramamoorthy Ramasamy    2010
Date   2010-10-27 (Completed)  
Total Contribution (US $)   500  (In Indian Rupees = Unavailabe)
Total Project Cost (Indian Rupees)   Unavailabe
School Details
School Name   S.P.M Elementary School
School Address  
Iruvaar Patty,Vembakkottai,
School Profile  
Items Donated Qty Price
Refurbish black boards 1 50
Grill gates to protect class rooms 1 100
Fix or new floor for classrooms 1 100
Fix school kitchen 1 100
Clean up school surrounding and raise level with n 1 150
Total 500

Receipt Details

School Surroundings Before and

School Class Room - Before and

School Kitchen and Surrondings

Classroom floors

Teacher and Students