TMF013 : TEAM Midsize Forest – Kilambadi village, Erode

A generous donor, V.S.Ramalingam,  has come forward to give their land  1 acre to grow TEAM mid forest  in Kilambadi village, Erode (DT). We are sponsoring the project with our plants. This forest is based on Miyawaki method. This is part of TEAM Green Initiative.

The Miyawaki Method is a new noteworthy tool that promotes the restoration and recovery of native forests. This method involves planting many random trees close together in a small area, thus enriching the green cover and reinforcing the richness of an fertile land .

Planted 5000 trees in 1 acre with 75 volunteers from different colleges, school and organization like erode, Bangalore, Pune, Bhavani, Gobichettipalayam.

We planted 16 Varieties of trees
A. Poongan
B. pooarasu
C. Badham
D. Naval
E. Kumiltheku
F. puli
G. Moongil
H. Sisu
I. Seetha
J. Kooanapuli
K. Mandhari
L. poo vagai
M. sapota
N. Alamaram
O. Sakaripalam
P. iivagai



















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