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INDIATEAM Volleyball Tournament rules
All Captains (or a representative) from the registered teams shall be communicated with the game schedule, waiver and rules doc. The same shall be published online. Please refer to your category (Beginner / Intermediate / Women) and make a note of your court number and game timings.
2. Any changes to the venue, date, time will be informed well in advance. If the event needs to be canceled due to unavoidable circumstance, TEAM will re-schedule the event and notify all the registered teams.
3. All players must sign-in the waiver form (1 form per team) at the front booth at least 15 minutes before the Tournament start time.
4. Make sure you are at your designated court at least 5 minutes before the start of your game. If your team is late, referee may cancel the game and offer the winning point to the team that is present.
5. If a team withdraws from the tournament at the last minute or do not show up, all their league games will be forfeit and the opponent teams will be offered the winning point. In addition, the result of the forfeit games will be marked as 21 – 12 in favor of the opponent teams.
6. Beginners and Intermediate teams can consist of all male players or all female players or a mix of male and female players. Women league must contain female players only.
7. A Women player can play across multiple categories.
In other words a women player can play in Beginners, Intermediate and/or Women categories but cannot play for 2 different teams in the same category. Due to time constraints, games across all three categories may overlap and it is up to the women player to pick and choose which game to play.
8. No limitation on the number of substitution per game. You can substitute only when your team is serving. You can replace any player with a substitute player and referee need to be kept informed prior to the change. A substitute player has to replace the same rotation position, he/she is not allowed to substitute for multiple positions.
9. Players are allowed only to play/sub for one team and cannot play across multiple teams and categories (in other words, one player cannot play or sub both in Beginner and Intermediate category or play for two different teams). Teams that do not follow this rule will be forfeit from the tournament.
10. Tie-Breaking Rules: If two teams in a group hit, in other words have the same wins/points after the league games, the two teams’ head-to-head record during the league game(s) is considered to determine group seeding. If the head-to-head record is also identical, then the winning margin difference is considered. If the winning margin difference is the same, a coin toss will decide the group seeding.
11. How the “best losers” qualify: In the beginners league, after the group league matches, 14 teams (2 top teams from each of the 7 groups) will automatically qualify for the next knock-out round. We will then pick 2 more teams from the losing teams as the “best losers” and move them to the next knock-out round. The “best losers” will be determined by the following rule. (1) No. of winning games (2) winning point margin (3) finally coin toss
12. TEAM will provide balls for all the games. However, any tournament quality ball is allowed as long as both the playing teams’ captains agree to play with that ball.
13. Ball should be tossed before serving and serving should be done outside the back boundary line.
14. Player should wait for referee’s whistle before serving, otherwise referee may call it as a foul and offer a point and the serve to the opponent
15. Blocking or attack hitting a serve above the net is a fault
16. Line cross, Net touch by the players, Ball Carry, Body contact and Double touch will be called as fault by the referee.
17. Service touching the net and boundary line will be called play.
18. Ball passing outside the poles will be called as fault by the referee
19. All touches (1st, 2nd and 3rd) can be from any part of the body as long as it is clean (no multiple consecutive touches) with the following exception. On the first reception (only), the ball may contact various parts of the body consecutively, provided that the contacts occur during one action (for example, the ball rolls off the arms and chest while digging the ball) but the 2nd touch and 3rd touch should be clean
20. Blocking rule: Opponent team reaching well over the other side of the net to dunk/block the ball before the attacker can complete the attack hit will be called a fault. If the ball is not yet in the plane of the net, that block is a fault. A back-row player is not allowed to block. Referee’s call is final (as per guidelines/rules)
21. Spiking rule: A front row player may complete an attack hit at any height. A back-row player may complete an attack hit at any height from behind the front zone with the following rules (i) at his/her take-off, the player’s foot must neither have touched nor crossed over the attack line (ii) after his/her hit, the player may land within the front zone
22. Penetration under the net rule: To touch the opponent’s court with a foot is permitted, provided that some part of the penetrating foot remains either in contact with or directly above the center line
23. A player goes for a ball outside his court into the next (adjacent) court will be called out.
24. A re-serve/re-play will be called by the referee in case of any obstruction to the play (such as balls / players from adjacent court enters the court during a play)
25. Only one timeout (for 2 mins) allowed per game per team.
26. Only the captain of the team is encouraged to talk with the referee in case of a doubt.
27. As your team advances to the play off rounds, always refer to the schedule sheet (at the registration booth or with an organizer) for your team’s play time.
28. Rally point system will be followed for all the games. Please check your group schedule for point details.
29. Feel free to talk with the organizers at any time during this event in case of any questions, doubts, concerns etc.
30. Any rules not listed above can be referred at
31. Last but not the least, REFEREE’S CALL IS FINAL
32. Organizers decision is final in case of any conflicts during the event
Waiver of Liability
All participants in the tournament assume the risk of injury., its volunteers shall not be liable for injury to person, loss or damage to personal property arising from or in any way resulting from participation in the tournament.
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