TEAM run – San Jose Rock-N-Roll – 2011

TEAM run – San Jose Rock-N-Roll – 2011 – Saturday is our group (long) run
Week Week Start Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat (Group) Sun Trail Info
1 8-Aug-2011 Rest – – 3 mile Rest 4 mile Rest Gold St Gold St
2 15 Aug-2011 Rest 3 mile Rest 3 mile Rest 5 mile Rest Gold St
3 22-Aug-2011 Rest 3 mile Rest 3 mile Rest 6 mile Rest Gold St
4 29-Aug-2011 Rest 3 mile Rest 3 mile Rest 7 mile Rest Gold St
5 05-Sep-2011 Rest 4 mile Rest 4 mile Rest 9 mile Rest Gold St
6 12-Sep-2011 Strength 4 mile Cross 4 mile Rest 11 mile Rest Gold St
7 19-Sep-2011 Strength 5 mile Cross 3 mile Rest 12 mile Rest Gold St
8 26-Sep-2011 Rest 3 mile Cross 3 mile Rest 13 mile Rest SJ RockNRoll!!!
Cross: For cross training, choose any activity other than running. You could do swimming, cycling, walking/hiking. Don’t make the mistake of cross-training too vigorously. Cross-training days should be considered easy days that allow you to recover from the running you do the rest of the week
Strength: Mondays are the days following your long run on the weekends, so don’t overdo it. Strength training could consist of push-ups, pull-ups, use of free weights or working out with various machines at a fitness center. Runners generally benefit if they combine light weights with a high number of repetitions, rather than using heavy weights
The above schedule and the information are based on the experience and referred from the following link: halhigdon halfmarathon schedule
If you have not registered with TEAM Run San Jose Rock-N-Roll 2011, please email to: &
Race Day: October 1, 2011 @ San Jose

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