Plamyra plam

Palmyra palms are monetarily valuable and generally developed, particularly in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The palmyra palm has for quite some time been one of the most significant trees of Cambodia and India, where it has more than 800 employments. The leaves are utilized for covering, mats, bins, fans, caps, umbrellas, and as composing material.


On the off chance that the external segment is hard, at that point accept it as grass; on the off chance that the internal center is hard. It can withstand dry season and become solid. This is a nonexistent tree which is referenced in Hindu folklore. In the current occasions with extraordinary changes in atmosphere, and numerous pieces of Tamilnadu confronting dry spell like circumstances, it may not be an exaggeration to mark the Palmyra tree a ‘Wish Tree’.

Despite the fact that it is known as the Palmyra tree, it is really a grass has a place with the group of the Borassus Flabellifera. India has the most noteworthy number of Palmyra (85.9 million) on the planet and out of this 60% are in Tamil Nadu (51 million). In 1978, the Palmyra was regarded as the geological portrayal of the territory of Tamil Nadu. It develops and begins yielding inside 15 years if the land has water office and inside 25 years in the event that it is dry land. It can grow up to 30mtrs in stature and will last a 100 years!

Palmyra trees are being crushed more than ever. At the point when prolific horticultural terrains or sand rises are being exchanged via land sharks and land expedites, the superbly standing Palmyra trees in these bundles of land are additionally yielded. We are seeing the awfulness of the Palmyra trees being sliced to be utilized as fuel for block furnaces. At the point when we are confronting warming of the earth and exhaustion of ground water assets, we should focus on one of our expectations, presented commonly – the palm trees.

At the point when we contrast the Palmyra and different trees developed in Tamil Nadu we will understand that there is no venture required for its development, for water system, upkeep or for inputs like composts and pesticides. In any case, the advantages we get from them are not less at all to what we get from different trees. Moreover, Palmyra trees are one of a kind in furnishing us with nourishment and nonfood items, reasonable for the common atmosphere pervasive in Tamil Nadu.

The Palmyra offers its produce to the individuals consistently. There is Neera (the sweet squeeze of its organic product), Toddy (acquired by maturing the sweet sap of the shoots), Nungu (a natural product with a delicate internal bit holding sweet water which has cooling properties) panangaai, Palm natural product, palmyra root, thavun, jaggery all of which have solid supplements in them.

Neera (Padaneer, Palm Juice), a domain benevolent refreshment

Neera is a delectable beverage. It cools the body. 100ml of this beverage is soaked with strong mixes like Sucrose (17.4%), Potassium (0.41%), Proteins (0.32%) and Ascorbic Acid (0.030%). This beverage has a great deal of restorative characteristics according to the Sidha medication.

Neera will be a situation neighborly elective beverage to drinks like Coke and Pepsi. In Tamil Nadu, neera extraction occurs among February and August. 25% of the juice is expended as beverages and the rest goes towards creation of jaggery or Palm Gur (karuppatti).

Karuppatti (Palm Gur)

karuppattiis the most significant item we get from the Palm Tree. The explanation behind the significance given to Palm Gur is, it is demonstrated that the genuine sweetener that we use in our day by day nourishment, in drinks or in desserts is full of numerous hurtful symptoms both by its tendency and during the time spent its creation from stick juice.

Sugarcane is a water-serious harvest. Moreover, the creation of white sugar requires enormous amount of sugarcane and over the top measure of cash. The handling of sugarcane is vitality serious and requires gigantic plants, also the resultant ozone depleting substance emanations.

The sound exchange sugar which can be gotten without hurting the earth and without burning through so much effort is this karuppatti which can he utilized as an other to unadulterated sweetener.

The Palmyra trees, a way to secure water assets, a companion who helps the winged creatures and creatures, a plant that can hold up under an extreme dry season and one of the mainstays of the town economy, can without a doubt be trustworthy even with environmental change and the issues presented by it.

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