Peepal tree (Bodhisattva tree)

The peepal tree is medium-sized and has heart-molded leaves. The figs of the tree house the blossoms and develop two by two. The berries are purple and furthermore develop two by two.

Peepal trees are local to India and flourish in sweltering, damp climate. They favor full daylight and can develop in most soil types, however topsoil is the best. When planting, use soil with a pH of 7 or underneath. While it is feasible for the plant to develop inside in a pot, it develops best outside.

Peepal trees have numerous restorative employments. Juice extricated from the leaves is utilized for eardrops. The bark is utilized to recuperate irritations of the neck and glandular swellings. Biting the underlying foundations of a peepal tree is said to help forestall gum sickness.


1. For Asthma

The bark of the Peepal plant and its ready organic products are useful for treating asthma. Cause a powder of the bark and natural products to independently and afterward blend them two in equivalent amounts. Expend this blend thrice daily for alleviation from Asthma.

Another approach to utilize a Peepal tree for alleviation from Asthma is having a powdered type of peepal natural product with water two times per day. Rehash this for 14 days to get alleviation.

2. For poor hunger

Eating ready products of the Pipal tree is useful in treating poor hunger and consuming sensation in the stomach. Peepal tree natural product is otherwise called the hallowed fig.

3. For stomach torment

Peepal leaf is a mysterious cure with regards to treating stomach illnesses. You can make tablets for alleviation from stomach torment by blending 2-3 peepal leaves with 50gm of jaggery.

4. For skin inflammation and tingling

Did you realize that peepal tree husk can be utilized for planning tea that is useful in treating skin inflammation and tingling? Not just this, you can even apply the debris from peepal bark leaves to the influenced regions to get alleviation. Simply consolidate 50g of debris from the bark with lemon and ghee to set up the glue.

5. For a more splendid composition

The powder arranged from peepal tree husks can be utilized as face packs by joining it with gram flour. This face pack helps in lighting up the appearance. The bark from the Peepul tree and Banyan tree are utilized in a great deal of Ayurvedic magnificence medications.

For example, if your skin is tanned, you can utilize Ayurvedic skin treatment Nalpamaradi Thailam to expel tan. For its planning, barks from four unique types of Ficus trees are utilized.

You can even utilize Kama Ayurveda’s Turmeric and Myrrh Skin Brightening Face and Body Soap. It has figs gotten from the peepal tree as one of the key fixings. These figs are wealthy in cell reinforcements and supplements that are extraordinary for the skin.

6. For broke heels

Essentially apply the milk extricated from the Peepal tree or concentrate of its leaves on the influenced regions to fix split heels. This will help in mellowing and recuperating the breaks.

7. For toothache

Set up a flush by bubbling Peepal tree rind and Banyan tree husk in equivalent amount in water. Utilize this to wash your mouth consistently. This will give you help from toothache.

8. For eye torment

Concentrate the milk from peepal tea leaves and apply it on your eyes to fix eye torment.

9. For blockage

Including peepal tree natural product (the holy fig) to your day by day diet is an incredible method to get help from blockage. On the off chance that you eat 5-10 fig natural product day by day, you can take care of the issue of stoppage for all time.

10. For loose bowels

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the Pipal tree for wellbeing is in treating draining loose bowels. Make a blend by taking the delicate stem of Peepal tree, coriander seeds and sugar in equivalent amount. Have 3-4gms of this blend two times per day to get help.

11. For blood cleansing

A ton of medical issues are a consequence of polluting influences in the blood. The characteristic method to refine the blood is by having 1-2 gms seeds of peepal tree with nectar.

12. For snake nibble

In view of its blood purging activity, the concentrate of peepal tree leaves can be utilized to expel the toxin from the body framework after a snake nibble.

13.For coronary illness

For treating heart-related issues, for example, palpitations and cardiovascular shortcoming, begin drinking a mixture arranged from peepal leaves. To set it up, mix leaves in water medium-term and distil it in the first part of the day. Drink this imbuement thrice daily for the best outcomes.

14. For ear disease

Warm the concentrate from the Pipal tree leaves and empty 2-3 drops into the ear with the assistance of cotton fleece. This will help in treating ear contamination.

15. For impotency

Take half spoon of peepal organic product (sacrosanct fig) powder thrice daily with milk. This will help in treating weakness and give solidarity to the body.

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