New Greenery


If you nurture plants, you are the hand chosen by God above

We live in an age of ceaseless development of cities to house the burgeoning populace that are pouring in from far and near. The overbearing traffic and alarming pollution levels leave us with reduced oxygen, necessitating growing more trees.

Team Erode Nursery is being maintained by the 1993 batch of Alumni of Kongu Engineering College. Apart from providing educational aid to poor deserving children, we supply small tree saplings to school children in the 1st Standard and ask them to take a pledge to take care and grow them into big trees, until they leave the school after higher secondary studies.

We also give away young grown trees of about 6 feet height to earnest donors who adopt our trees.


The Sustainability Factor

Maintaining a nursery in the long run does require proper funding. Many corporate houses are able to pull off as a CSR activity. The Government also supplies free seedlings. But we need donations to sustain in the race for this common good cause.

Team Erode Nursery is a part of which educates poor students by providing aid from USA. The website throws light on the crux of the issue and educates the public on adapting trees by donating Rs. 400per tree with maintenance for 3 years to support the fight against global warming.

The Inimitable Concept That Works!

Instead of giving out seedlings and small plants that may have a poor growth rate, we grow the saplings into strong, young trees of about 6 feet height and 1 inch thick.

Once an adopter (buyer) is identified, a procedure akin to child adoption follows. After the initial inspection of the place and regular watering arrangements are confirmed by the adopter, the required size pit is dug and watered during Day 1.

On Day 3, the pit would be filled loosely with local sand and manure for soil conditioning. Only on Day 6, our young trees would settle in their new destination. By marking the area on GPS and constant monitoring, we ensure 100% growth of the trees.

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