Green TEAM – Meet on 05/01/2020

Minutes of our first Team Green held on 5.1.2020 at VSR Farm Erode.
1. High return trees like sandal. Red tree. Teak shall be planted in the boundary of our plantation site. So that the land owner will get Good returns in next coming years. Stating the reason we can charge them the labour cost of the plantation.
2.  Consider Palm tree in our plantation..Or work along with other Groups who are working in Palm tree.
3.  Increase the Percentage of fruit bearing plants.
4.  Avoid Bandham and Malaivembu as it grows much faster than others and affect other plant growth.
5.  CSR funding:
A) Our unique selling point is that we are a zero expenses NGO.
B) To get CSR fund 80G is a must for which work is going on and we will be getting it by March 2020.
C) To approach Corporate company s we need strong records of our work. So at every 4 months photo of plants to be        recorded and kept in order .
6. Name change to அடர்வனம் instead of Team Green is suggested not only in Tamil but in multi language                  mentioning the forest concept to highlighted.
7. Youtube videos to be promoted stating நம் சந்ததியினர் நன்மைக்காக like that.
8. From next meeting the local people around our plantation area should be invited so that they will also come                 forward to donate their land.
9. Meeting to be held at every 6 months once.
10. All meeting will be Zero expenses to Trust. The expense will be shared by members attending the meeting.


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