Why should everyone become the coordinator?

The coordinator is the person who brings 10 of his friends to IndiaTEAM to help 10 more schools in our society.
– Reply from a coordinator for the above qeustion after he had formed his group.
I was introduced to IndiaTEAM by one of my friend some time back and started to donate $ 10 to IndiaTEAM for building better schools in Tamilnadu/India. By donating 10.0$ per month, I have a chance of helping only one school. But India and Indian society is so huge and almost every government school is in need of help. I just started to think that helping one school will have very minimum/negligble impact on our huge society though it has a huge impact on a school. Not only me, lot of other people in the IndiaTEAM thought in the same way. So we started to discuss how to help more schools? HOW TO LIFT THE HUGE SOCIETY BY LIFTING EDUCATION? After very long detailed discussion, we came to the conclusion that, in order to lift the society as a whole by lifting education, our IndiaTEAM itself should be a big society. That means, IndiaTEAM should become a big movement. 1000 member IndiaTEAM organization should be transformed into a “STRONG, SOCIAL AND INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT”. So we started to work towards that. We have to do it! Doing is the solution to all the problems around us. So we have decided to identify and promote more coordinators to form their 10 member group as I formed my group. If more and more coordinator come, more and more member will come and in turn, IndiaTEAM grows towards becoming a strong social movement to LIFT SOCIETY BY UPLIFTING EDUCATION! Now we are in the process of identifying coordinators for 2004. As you know, Doing is the solution to everything!
Not only that, if we just donate, we can help only one school. If we bring our friends, it is like helping more schools. That means, by spending money, we can help only one school. But by spending our little time, we can help more schools. So spending time has more impact on the society compared to the money we spend.
Join us to transform our IndiaTEAM TO STRONG SOCIAL MOVEMENT!
Please let me know your interest and I will forward some more details.
“Together We Can Make It happen” by just start DOING!
1. Poor school has minimum 100 students.
2. One member will do project in one school.
3. That means he/she helps 100 poor students per year.
4. Min Life time of our project = 10 years.
5. So Total kids got benefited = 100 * 10 = 1000 Kids!
6. If you bring one member, that is, you are helping 1000 Kids.
7. So… Number of Poor Kids you helped = 1000 * Number of members you brought.

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