What basic facilities are lacking in these schools?

BENCH: In most of the village elementary schools the children do not sit on a bench . They sit on the floor.
* Floors are usually broken and uneven. Concrete, sand, and stones are continuously loosening out from the floor on which they sit.
* On rainy days the school children walk with bare feet in the outside puddles and slush and enter the classroom with their wet, dirty , muddy legs, make the floor moist, dirty, muddy and then they sit on the same floor.
* Its painful and tiring for the children to sit on the rough floor continuously for about 6 hours a day, everyday.
* Sitting down with folded knees and with their bony ankles continuously rubbing against the coarse floor is painful.
* Sitting at a lower level as the floor, their neck gets exhausted when they have to constantly look up at the teachers face who is standing or at the blackboard which is at a higher level.
DESK: Writing in the notebooks without a desk to put the notebooks on is also very difficult. These unfortunate small children keep their notebooks on their laps or in between their laps, or on the floor in front of them when they write, do math, or draw. Plywood screen partition: Majority of village elementary schools do not have separate classrooms for each class. In one big hall, three classes or sometimes four classes are held simultaneously. There is lot of mixing of noises from all the three or four classes. The students are unable to hear and listen to what their own teacher says. The teachers find it difficult to teach .This is a frustrating situation for both the teachers and the students.
VISUAL AIDS: The classroom walls are bare and plain without any charts and maps to be used as visual aids for learning. They do not have globes, world maps , India maps, State maps, Science charts.
BLACKBOARDS: In some schools blackboards are not functional. The teachers adjust for many years with the blackboard that does not write well. Sometimes the number of blackboards is inadequate. For a total of five classes, some schools will have only two or three blackboards. It is difficult for two teachers to share a blackboard.
STAINLESS STEEL WATER DRUM: In most villages there is sufficient water supply, but the village elementary school does not have proper and adequate water drums to store drinking water for the school children. The village school children are very poor to purchase and own a plastic water bottle that will enable them to bring water from their homes. Without drinking water in the school the children remain thirsty, hot and dry for the entire day.
CEILING FAN: Most of the schools have asbestos roofs for the classrooms. Under the asbestos roof the classroom becomes very hot during February, March, April, June, July, and August. It is very difficult for both the teachers and the students to be inside the hot room for about six hours a day.
ESSENTIALS FOR SCHOOL OFFICE: In some schools there is no steel rack to stack school registers. Registers are now piled up on the floor in the rooms corner and on broken benches. There is no steel bureau (with lock and key) to safeguard important school records, visual aids like globe and maps. The Principal’s table does not have 2 more extra chairs for visitors to sit during school visits. Visitors to the school are usually given a wooden box to sit as there are no extra chairs in the school.

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