Friends Of Team

FoT means “Friends of TEAM” in India.
• So far, LPC did TEAM projects in member’s native.
• Usually, member’s parents did act as a “LPC – Local Project Coordinator” to execute project in India.
• In the above model, only member’s parents are involved in executing the projects, not the local community in their native.
• TEAM found the way to involve the local community to execute the projects along with member’s parants by the concept of FoT.
• By this new concept, members parent will bring their friends and relatives and form a small group in their native called “FoT – Friends of TEAM”.
• The parent who form that FoT will act as a “FoT Coordinator” to have a communication with TEAM member who sends money.
• Now every TEAM project is executed by FoT coordinated by its “FoT coordinator”.
• Because of FoT, TEAM will have group of friends in every members native place.
• FoT – Coordinator is identified by TEAM member who is sending money.
• Usually “FoT – Coordinator” is members parents or reliable person.
• Every member will guide FoT Coordinator and FoT coordinator will guide whole FoT to execute the project in India.

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